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Moving Along

So the Flatiron pre-work moves along. I’ve gone through the command line lessons and have moved on to SQL and databases. I worked with SQL some back when I was with Accenture so I hope any residual familiarity that remains kicks in. Really want to get to the HTML and CSS material. Those are areas in which my lack of knowledge greatly frustrates me. Soon enough.

Visited the school tonight to attend one of the sort-of weekly Flatiron Presents meetups. There was a bonus presentation by Lucas Mazza of Plataformatec in Brazil. It felt good to tell some current students who knew I had applied that I had been selected for the next session. Some even invited me to drop by on Saturdays if I wanted any help with the pre-work. They said some of them are always around. I believe it. It was very nice of them to offer.

A jug fills drop by drop.” - Buddha