What did I get myself into???

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The Beginning of the Beginning

Finally! The weather is turning for the better. After leaving work today, I actually sat in my hot car in the parking lot for a full minute enjoying the hotness. In a month I’ll be complaining and reaching for the AC knob but not today. I just wanted to soak it in for a bit. It’s been a while.

I started working on the Flatiron School pre-work today. It begins with some website “basics” which are pretty much just that. I watched several Team Treehouse videos on website basics and aesthetic foundations. Felt like I was in art class for a bit. Lines, shapes, hue, contrast, symmetry, balance, … Good stuff coming though.

Ended the evening on an extremely pleasant note. Met the girlfriend in the city at NYU where she works, we strolled to McDougal Street to grab some delicious kati rolls to go, and then we headed to Washington Square Park. It was so enjoyable and relaxing sitting there soaking in the beautiful weather and the laid back buzz in the park. Many people walking around, sitting around enjoying what we’ve all been missing for so long.

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” - Allan K. Chalmers