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Day 7: Can't Plan for the Unexpected

So it turns out that yesterday I was able to reserve two tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart taping today. Completely unexpected. I checked online and lo and behold there were tickets available. I’ve never seen that before. My girlfriend and I are big fans so I jumped on it. Very exciting. Kind of an early birthday surprise for the girlfriend since I was hoping to do this very thing around her birthday in May.

Problem with all this is that to pick up the tickets you have to go to the studio, stand outside in line for a couple hours (in the cold and wind mind you), get the tickets, then come back a couple hours later for the taping. That represents a very good chunk of the day. To make matters worse, today was also laundry day. I hate doing the laundry. I don’t have a washing machine/dryer in my apartment nor is there a laundry room in my building. I have to pack everything up and lug it and myself a couple blocks to the laundromat. It’s like a two and a half hour process. And I hate every second of it.

Needless to say, between laundry first thing in the morning, trekking up to Hell’s Kitchen to stand in line for two and a half hours to pick up my ticket, lunch, returning to the studio early so that my girlfriend could pick up her ticket, the show taping (a lot of fun), and then dinner afterwards at a delicious hummus place, I didn’t get much done today. Only exception was bit of Learning Rails 3 reading on the subway and while standing/freezing in line.

C’est la vie!

And on a big, exciting, positive note, I received an email inviting me to interview for the Flatiron School’s’ summer session. Skype interview on Sunday. Looking forward to it. Keeping fingers crossed. If you don’t know about the school, check it out.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” - Antoie France